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How can design make complex phenomena such as viruses and their modes of action understandable by creating experimental spaces and playful information infrastructures? The challenge of this term’s course “Stage & Elements” at Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FHV) was to address different aspects of the topic of “virus” using adequate media, techniques and formats. The online exhibition “To be or not to be infected” has evolved here within the last few months.
Feel free to have a look around and gain an insight into the world of viruses from various

What is a Virus?

This is the story of a tiny, very evil creature, so small, but so feared, because it is planning to make every human being in this world sick. Will someone be able to stop the evil plan?

Find out in these small animation episodes.

Transmission of Covid19

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to investigate your case?
What it’s like to save the world from a pandemic?

Find out more about how Covid19 spread.


The usual suspects:
Viruses Tracked.

Do you think you know enough?
The following website compares informations about the coronavirus and other viruses.


A new powerful virus is causing trouble everywhere around the world. Super Granny is trying her best to defeat it but now she is stuck and she needs your help!

Find out how developing a vaccine could stop the quick spreading of the virus.

Yesterday World – The News Show

How did the COVID-19 change our everyday lives? What about the economy, environment, sports and culture industry? In Yesterday World – the news you already know about, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the crazy pandemic in a light-hearted manner.

Watch the news show and learn more.